The GFZ MObile MApping system (GFZ-MOMA) has been developed to provide practitioners in the field of risk assessment with a user-friendly, reliable methodology to rapidly collect omnidirectional image data (Fig. 1) that can be used to extract information on the exposure and vulnerability of urban environments over city scales. The GFZ-MOMA is based on an omnidirectional camera, able to capture at up to 15 frames per second  high-resolution, geo-referenced omnidirectional images (Fig. 2), each spanning 360° lateral coverage.

Figure 1: Example of an omnidirectional image (Cologne, Germany)

The sample path employed for the gathering of such images can be optimized with the SENSUM Sampling Tool on the basis of a street network layer, and can be loaded onto a portable device for easy navigation. The mobile mapping system is then driven along the pre-calculated sample path, continuously capturing geo-referenced omnidirectional image streams.


Figure 2: The system is highly portable, completely autonomous and can be easily fixed on every type of vehicle with flat roof. The entire system can be setup by minimally trained personal in less than half an hour.