ImageCatLtd is an international risk management innovation company, who support global risk and disaster management needs using top technology. As a leading provider of advanced technologies for risk and disaster management, ImageCatLtd is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, consultancy services and R&D activities targeting decision support needs at all phases of the disaster management cycle.
Since establishment in 2000, ImageCatLtd has helped Government agencies, industry clients and research organisations prepare for and respond to disasters including: the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes (2011), Haiti and Chile earthquakes (2010); Hurricane Katrina; the Indian Ocean tsunami; the Northridge, Bam and Niigata earthquakes and 9/11. Government clients include FEMA; U.S. Department of Transportation; the Federal Highway Administration; DARPA; NIST. Research clients include the Global Earthquake Model (GEM); the National Science Foundation and NASA. ImageCatLtd has pioneered GEO-CAN (Global Earth Observation – Catastrophe
Assessment Network) to analyse earthquake damage for the Haiti and New Zealand earthquakes for clients including the World Bank, GEM and the NZ Government.

ImageCatLtd is a founding partner of ReBuilDD – a UK-based organisation specialising in using remote sensing technologies to support long-term recovery initiatives for governments, NGOs and multi-lateral organisations. This is alongside the University of Cambridge and Cambridge Architectural Research. ReBuilDD has pioneered the use of high-resolution sensors for monitoring and evaluating recovery in areas of Thailand (following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami), Pakistan (following the 2005 South Asian Earthquake), and Port-au-Prince, Haiti (following the 2010 earthquake). ImageCatLtd scientists are principal investigators on GEM's Inventory Data Capture Tools (IDCT) Global Component. IDCT is developing tools for generation of pre-event capture of building inventory information to support seismic risk assessment. We are also partners on GEM's Global Exposure Database (GED4GEM) Global Component.

Specific role in SENSUM:

Participant in WP1, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP6.