Stiftelsen Norges Geotekniske Institutt - NGI

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) is a leading international centre for research and consulting in geotechnical engineering and related fields. We develop optimum solutions for society, and offer expertise on the behaviour of soil, rock and snow and their interaction with the natural and built environments. Trademarks of NGI's research and consulting assignments are to meet the industry's needs for practical and reliable engineering solutions.

NGI coordinated and participated in the EU research project, SafeLand ("Living with landslide risk in Europe: Assessment, effect of global change and risk management strategies"), a three-year project with 25 partners from 13 countries. InfraRisk ("Impacts of extreme weather events on infrastructure in Norway") is a three-year, government-supported research project managed by NGI. The project is concerned with the occurrence of extreme weather events and the related threats to infrastructure in Norway. NGI also hosted the International Centre for Geohazards (2003-2012), a Centre of Excellence established by the Norwegian Research Council.

Specific role in SENSUM:

The role of NGI in SENSUM is to lead work package 4: determine and extract indicators for landslide and earthquake risk and vulnerability. NGI also participates in WP 2, 3, 6 and 7.

NGI is an SME-partner in SENSUM.



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