The SENSUM Technology

Hazard-dependent vulnerability and recovery indicators are inferred by remote-sensing data (medium- and high-resolution satellite images) and products (as GMES products, for instance) or sampled through guided in-situ surveys or locally collected expert-knowledge.

In order to efficiently take into account previous hazard-related information and tune the performance of the system according to the specific end user´s needs and resources, we introduce the concept of focus maps, as a base for an adaptive, multiresolution tessellation of the spatial environment being monitored. In a similar way as user´s attention is drawn by filtering the graphical content of an image, focus maps focus the sampling framework on the most critical areas to be monitored, tailoring the knowledge collection efforts in terms of a user´s priorities and available resources. In Figure 1, a schematic depiction of the proposed operational flow is provided.

Fig. 1: The SENSUM schema for operational flow.

The sampling framework provides solutions for both ground field surveys and for specific information extraction from remote sensing data. The multi-source information that will be continuously integrated in the dynamic framework will exhibit different levels of reliability, vintage, and lifetime. It is therefore necessary to plan an adequate Information Life-cycle management scheme in the integration phase, which will take care of information collection, processing and disposition.

These new methodologies are integrated into a data model which gives special consideration to spatial- and temporal-related scale differences, as well as ensuring the sound assessment and propagation of uncertainties.

All the proposed methodologies and technologies are implemented in a free, open-source IT framework, building when possible upon ongoing, stable projects dealing with vulnerability and risk. The implemented tools will be developed as standalone packages compatible with the most promising free, open-source GIS environment.

Co-funded by the European Commission under FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme)
THEME [SPA.2012.1.1-04] Support to emergency response management - Grant agreement no: 312972

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