WP7 - Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation

Lead: GFZ

Objectives of this workpackage:

  • To create awareness of the SENSUM project to as wide an audience as possible. This will include communicating the project's goals and achievements to the scientific and technical communities, policy makers and the general public.
  • To provide feedback to data providers, standardisation bodies and relevant policy initiatives.
  • To make available the whole range of approaches, methods, results, and opportunities for internal and external application in the field of professional education, vocational instruction, and continuing education.
  • The drafting of a basic implementation or business model for the newly developed methods and software components to ensure the sustained exploration of the project's products.
  • To widen the use of SENSUM technology to the whole Euro-Asian area and to other disaster prone areas and regions within the European Union, and to identify/explore possible pathways for commercial exploitation.
  • To identify the current trends and opportunities for the SENSUM project in relation to the target areas of implementation or exploitation previously identified in a market analysis.
  • To define the implementation or business strategy and plan the further deployment of the SENSUM project results